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Stephen Newell Architects | Linking Up with Houzz

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Architecture, Houzz, Testimonials

I’ve recently been building up my links with Houzz, the Architects/Interior Designers social site.

I wanted to share on the blog here some of the great feedback and reviews that have been submitted from our clients in the Wicklow and Dublin area.

First up, I’d like to look back to the first ever review received on Houzz, from Evelyn Moorkens.

“We purchased our house in the autumn of 2014 and commissioned Stephen to design a renovation and extension, and assist us with the planning process. Following a successful grant of permission in 2015, we engaged Stephen to assist us with finding a builder and in supervising the building process.

We were delighted with Stephen’s design; we have now lived in the house for 6 months and have found all the rooms to function excellently. The design facilitated a light-filled house, and the proportions are perfect.

We were very busy and often abroad during the building works but could rest assured that Stephen was representing us and ensuring that every aspect of the build was on schedule and carried out to a high standard.

For me, Stephen is the perfect architect. He is professional, calm and measured in his approach, meticulous in the technical aspects as well as the management of appointments, e-mailing of minutes and checking of small details that could easily be overlooked. This efficient approach is especially suited to a professional client who is short on time, and allows for a combination of great design and the stress-free realisation of that design.

I recommend Stephen most highly.”

Thanks to Evelyn for this fantastic review.